Thursday, March 16, 2006

New Whine in the Old Whineskin's not a typo. Just a hint to let you know that I am never satisfied.

Took my new vitamins last night and then again this morning (it's a twice a day deal) so now I have been taking them for a full 24 hours....supposed to take them again in about 30 minutes.

And I will say, I feel more energy...or is that just jittery? Or feeling good and I am just not used to it?

At this time of day, I usually feel kind of mentally/physically worn out. But not today! I feel like I could actually do some serious pondering...or step aerobics. Maybe I'll just think about step aerobics;-)...

Pouring all this extra healthy stuff into a body that wasn't having more than calcium and vitamin C up until yesterday may not have the desired effect. I don't feel..."myself".

Note the whining and the focus on my age again in the title....well, I thought it was clever.

Seriously, though...unless there is a development that demands I tell you something immediately, I am going to give it a week. Maybe my newfound feeling of alertness is simply more sleep because of Spring Break. Or happiness that the "Head of the House" is home this week, too.

I'll let you know after a week in the trenches...


Blogger Ken James said...

Are you taking vitamins or anphetamines???


5:03 PM  
Blogger DPB said...

Well, I've never been one to take any sort of medicine beyond an occasional Exceddrin for a headache. But, have you considered the possibility that you feel better because the bottle says you're supposed to feel better, and that you want the vitamins to make you feel better, so you convince yourself that you're feeling better?

Just a thought. From what I've read about nutrition, diet and excersize, a person gets just about everything they need by way of nutrition if they eat a fairly well-balanced diet. No need for extras.

2:12 AM  
Blogger angela said...


I know that is one school of thought.

However, there is growing research (and not just with Dr. Atkins, but others as well, and I will try to find that for you if you are interested, but probably not for a few days...) that the free radicals in your body age you. And that antioxidants as well as some other supplements, bind themselves to those free radicals and keep them from oxidizing in your body.

And when I said I was "feeling better" in the context of what I was saying, it was a joke....I was feeling jittery (which is gone now.)

And I think I can safely say, because I was not really feeling good, there is no placebo effect.

Everything seems to be going good now...Thanks for your thoughts.:-)

5:59 AM  

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