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I Remember Timothy E. Reilly...

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These are thoughts from those who knew Tim the best... If you said one of these things, it's not that I didn't want to credit you, but I wanted this to be like we overheard you talking about Tim or to him. :-)

He is the one who so generously let Mo (his baby sister) live at his apartment at various times, he is the one who cooked us so many Sunday night dinners and took us out to his favorite restaurants, he is the one who threw us a fabulous engagement party, he is the one who gave Mo away at our wedding just a few weeks

For years, Tim Reilly surprised his mother when he brought home unexpected guests to Thanksgiving dinner. Claire Reilly Walcovy would scramble to set an extra place at the table, and fretted there wasn't enough food...Typically the people he brought over didn't have a place to go.

Tim radiated warmth and generosity. At your engagement party, I was a bit concerned that John and Mo would be the only ones I knew well. Soon after we arrived, Tim removed any concerns I had by introducing himself, welcoming my girlfriend Jenny and I, and taking time out to talk to us and find out about us.

He invited me to a few insurance functions. You know how fun those can be. But with Tim being Tim, I always enjoyed myself. I remember so many good times with Tim.

Tim's friendships were legendary and extraordinary. His warm and easy going personality and love of life made and maintained devoted friends from his grammar school days into his professional life. It has also been said, "Friends are ones chosen family," Tim had one of the largest extended families that I know of.


One perfect example of this selflessness occured following the death of my beloved mother. Hal had wanted me to continue with my studies and finish graduate school on time. I kept that promise to my mother. My family had prior committments and were unable to attend my graduation. I was wallowing in self-pity that graduation day. Feeling quite bad for myself, I dutifully walked to the podium and accepted my degree. Upon taking hold of it, I looked out over the crowd only to see Timbo and his infectious smile beaming with great pride. He had taken the day off from work and driven to Boston to be there for me. His generosity did not stop there this May day. He pulled out a checkbook and wrote a check for $1,000 for my 1980 Dodge Aspen, a car which he did not need. The Aspen was maybe worth $100, but Timmy knew I was short cash. I dont think that car ever made it back to Brooklyn.

He spent his money on his family and on taking people out to dinner and picking up the tab at the bar.

Outdoor Sportsman
Tim was as competitive as they come and sincerely enjoyed the sporting life. Tennis and skiing were two sports that he excelled at. He was co-captain of his college tennis team at Stonehill. That is until he found GOLF! He loved that game like no other. His clubs were always in the car or with him on his business trips. He played all over- Australia, Bermuda, Ireland and the States. His most memorable experiences were playing at Old Head in Ireland and at Winged Foot this past summer with the Holy Family "Boys".

The "toastmaster" of the family, Reilly "played the role of an ambassador" during family get-togethers, and always "knew how to meet and greet people."

"His toasts were always from the heart, throwing in a few Irish proverbs [in his toasts] for good standings."

He loved to make toasts. Last Thanksgiving, he raised a glass to Maureen's engagement, a nephew's success on the football field, a cousin who died and his mother, whom he had saved from a near fatal car accident.

He was selfless, always putting the needs of others in front of his own. He was generous. Most of the time, his generous deeds went unnoticed. TR5 never fished for the recognition that so many of us seek for doing good deeds.

Yankee fan
He was a die hard Yankee fan and had the knack for getting tickets to all of the big games, even if it was sold out. He was able to get passes to his company and client's corporate luxury boxes. He was simply amazing.

Entrenched in family
The only time I saw him disappointed was when he was not the first with family gossip. Tim was the telegraph of the clan. . A role he took very seriously.

Tim loved his Mother as sons do. He traveled extensively with her and enjoyed every minute. And somehow I do not think it slowed him down one bit.

Timmy was very compassionate and caring to all he touched. Family was everything to him. He would make all the family functions and just enjoy getting to know all his cousins, which is difficult at best.

At 40, he lived in what had once been his grandmother's one-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn Heights, still furnished with her old couch, table and chairs.

Of all the members of this large family I think Tim was the glue. Be it good times or bad. He was there.

As the 4th sibling of the six Reilly kids, he played a pivotal role in a family that lost their father when Mo (the youngest) was just six months old...

Role Model
Tim truly knew how to make the most of a moment. Tim was a man of compassion, a man of integrity, a man of determination, a man with a sense of humor, a man with a sense of family, and man with the desire to make the world a better place for the ones he loved.

Your wonderfully subtle way of making the people you were with feel vital and important was your gift to us. You were a master at preserving your friends’ fragile egos. You had an uncanny ability to recall events of the past, always providing the appropriate poetic license to give our lives more significance than might be warranted, but always appreciated.

His outpouring of love was the life preserver that kept me afloat in my hour of greatest need and deepest pain. He had an uncanny knack of picking me up, repairing me and sending me back out with my head held high. He made me believe in myself. He made me happy to be alive.

Illustrious actor

My fondest thoughts of Timmy is when he did the Colgate commercial. My family and I gathered around the TV to watch. His cousins got a big kick out of seeing their cousin on TV.

A true friend in someone who loves you unconditionally despite all your character flaws, in fact loves you more because of them. It is someone who advises justly, assists readily, adventures boldly, takes all patiently, defends courageously, and continues a friend unchangeably.

I can honestly say I never saw Tim get angry. I also never heard him say a bad word about anyone.

Tim had the honesty he needed to look inside himself and discover what was really there, and also to see how his actions affected other people. He rid himself of pride that stands in the way of love. He knew not just the joy of love but the responsibilities that come with loving and being loved.

I remember never meeting Tim that he thrust out his cheek to me and saying “ put one right here”.

Tim was a very special person to his family; his stepbrother and sisters, and everyone who meet Tim on his/their journey through life. The smile, the hand shake, and the arm around your shoulder that Tim used to bring you closer to him. Sometimes a quick wink with a hug, as if Tim knew your inner most thoughts, sometimes with family, a whisper in your ear: "I love you." or "Have you got twenty dollars?"

Young at Heart
He was such a good guy to those young boys (his younger cousins) who would go to his dorm room in O’Hara Hall early on a weekend morning and wake him up. Not realizing that the weekend nights of a college man meant long weekend sleeps. Tim never complained, indeed he entertained them all day.

"The King of the Beach".He knew everyone and everyone knew him. He would soak in the sun during the day and feast on lobster at night. Then he would lay himself on the couch when the day was done until the next day would dawn.TIM WAS SIMPLY THE BEST!

- The "bop", a low five (or big greeting) and a big smile

- Never missing a gala affair or party

- Never knowing when and how he would arrive (definitely fashionably late!)

- Always having an extra ticket to a Yankee, Giant, or Knick Game.

- Always having "some place we had to check out" after the game.

- Never knowing how and when I was going to get home.

- Always having a great story that needed to be told

- Always having some friend "you had to meet"

- Great pride in his own family and sincere interest in your family (he never would forget to ask about your family members)

- A band we had to hear and a pub we had to visit

- His love of Brooklyn and NYC

Full of fun, energy, being with family and never wanting the party to be over!


Blogger Don said...

That was remarkable. We can all hope to have such a legacy.

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Blogger Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

what a remarkable memoir. thanks for taking the time out to do this for him,and for his famil y.

3:22 PM  
Blogger Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

btw- the way you did this was very creative. what a tribute!

3:25 PM  
Blogger DPB said...

Nice to see your blog is still going strong.

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Blogger kateandjona said...

Thank you for sharing memories of a great guy.

I am blogger # 926
I remember Robert Levine.

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Blogger Ken James said...

Excellent Angela.

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Blogger Raggedy said...

Wonderful Tribute!
Thank you.
These are heartbreaking stories and difficult to read....
I am honored to be a part of this project.
Mine is posted also...

Bless you...

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.
~Martin Luther King, Jr.

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